[gdal-dev] why ogr oracle connection is so slow?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Feb 26 11:39:26 EST 2010

G. Allegri wrote:
> In this period I'm working intensively with Oracle Spatial (on Windows
> XP), and I've had the occasion to use it from many perspectives:
> through Gvsig with its jdbc-based connector, ArcGis with the
> Interoperability Tools, etc.
> When I've decided to test the ogr driver I've seen it's times slower
> then any other solution. I see it uses the C api (oci.h), but I'm not
> capable to debug it to find the bottleneck...


What use cases is it particularly slow for?  I will note that fetching
records by feature id is very slow with oracle because each fetch is an
independent SQL query.

In general the Oracle driver read access was not performance tuned as
the point of the original contract supporting it's development was
fast data loading.  I do not believe the problem is use of OCI.

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