[gdal-dev] Can GDAL open binary buffer contents as input for MEM format?

Roger André randre at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 15:48:42 EST 2010

Hi All,

I'd like to know if I can take the results of a MapServer Python mapscript
'mapImage.getBytes()' operation, and feed it into GDAL as a data source for
an in-memory raster?  The MapServer docs state that the results of
'getBytes' in Python is a "string of binary data".  I'm not sure if GDAL can
open this sort of object though.

For background purposes, the reason I would like to do this is so that I can
try replacing PIL with GDAL in TileCache for the cutting of metatiles.  PIL
isn't properly saving the image formats generated by MapServer, whereas GDAL
replicates them perfectly.


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