[gdal-dev] Copy only georeference between two images

Ralf Suhr Ralf.Suhr at itc-halle.de
Mon Sep 13 11:28:54 EDT 2010

Use listgeo -tfw FILE and rename the new worldfile to the filename without 
georeferentiation. listgeo is from geotiff.


Am Montag 13 September 2010 16:45:30 schrieb canduc17:
> One simple question:
> I have two identical images, exept for their their georeferentiation. They
> represent the same scene, their sizes are identical, but one of them has a
> correct UTM georeferentiation and the second one hasn't.
> In which way can I copy and paste the correct georeferentiation from one to
> another?
> Thanks in advance.

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