[gdal-dev] Re: PDF selective layer sample wanted

Jukka Rahkonen jukka.rahkonen at mmmtike.fi
Mon Mar 5 09:59:57 EST 2012

Brent Fraser <bfraser <at> geoanalytic.com> writes:

> If you're looking for a geospatial pdf with layers, the Canadian 
> government publishes some of their topographic maps as pdf.  Here's
> link to one:
> ftp://ftp2.cits.rncan.gc.ca/pub/cantopo/50k_geopdf/085/

Thanks for the answer. I do already have geospatial pdf files with layers.
What I am after is geospatial pdf files with layers and created with GDAL.
I can now make pdf files with layers with SkyJUMP GIS and geospatial pdf 
files with GDAL but I got hungry and want them both together.


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