[gdal-dev] How to overlay a raster with shapes to calc statistics?

Petteri Packalen packalen at cs.joensuu.fi
Mon Mar 19 01:44:03 EDT 2012


Look at:


Starspan is a command line tool that uses GDAL/OGR lib. This functionality 
is also available in many GIS packages with the name 'zonal statistics'.

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On Sun, 18 Mar 2012, Andreas H. wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a GeoTiff file covering the whole globe at approx. 1km
> resolution. And I have a shapefile containing say 20 of polygons.
> For each of the 20 polygons, I want to know the mean value of the raster
> data falling inside the polygon, and possibly more statistics (max, min,
> medeian, std, ...).
> How can I achieve this using GDAL?
> Thanks for your insight,
> Andreas.
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