[gdal-dev] GDAL Tiling

akshay gupta akshaygupta202 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 11:14:45 EDT 2012


I have few questions regarding GDAL tiling and overviews.

1) Is there any In build direct function in GDAL from where i can set the
size of the tiles(raster block size).
2)I an facing an strange situation. I have an TIFF image, and I am trying
to read it block by block using ReadBlock(). When i read block from the
band of the original dataset(GDALDataset I get when i call GDALOpen() ), I
get a tile which is of size Width X 1 but if i create overviews and then
call ReadBlock() on the band extracted from the first overview i get square
tiles(Blocks). Can any body tell me why is this happening, Is there any way
of getting square tiles of same size irrespective of whether i call
ReadBlock() on original Dataset or on the overview level.

Thanks and regards,
Akhy Hückelheim
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