[Geodata] Landcover-DB Shapefile Download

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Mon Oct 8 06:44:26 EDT 2007

> Martin Spott wrote:
>> I know, this topic surfaces at least once a month - see Frank W.'s
>> posting "Data migration" or David B.'s recent FOSS4G summary of open
>> issues "Themes and Direction from FOSS4G".
> ....  not to forget Lorenzo B.'s recent request of a "OSgeo Catalogue",

thx, Martin

data.freemap.in is a good place to store metadata easily.

anyway, I still think that a CSW interface is needed more then ever 
because it's OGC compliant.
I still think we should try to use OGC standards and if they don't fit 
our needing, give a hand to make them better.

I hope to have the time to help Telascience guys to set up a demo with 
I would like to develop a thin CSW client for OpenLayers, it should not 
be that difficult.


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