[Geodata] What is the value of free data?

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We're in the middle of these same sorts of discussions about making data freely available, both at the City and in the metro area in general. 

Here at the City we use the same system for internal and external access, and the extra costs have thus far been marginal to allowing access.   There are some potential problems with this though in the future, in that if a datasets becomes popular, it may impact bandwidth negatively and cause a rethink of the publishing. 

One big business need that this solves for us, is in being able to see other regional data owners data since they do the same as we do in the publishing department so we can see each others datasets and not have to worry about keeping a local set available and up to date.  While this is not happening across the board with all regional data owners, more and more are coming online all the time. 

A bigger concern is how to share data that is sensitive in nature between jurisdictions, that each agency should have access to but the general public shouldn't.  I know this thread is aimed at the public use, but I would suggest that there are a middle class/level of user, where the data usage needs to be tracked.  Not exactly closed off from viewing, but in many cases for security reasons, the usage needs to be tracked in some form.  This is something that is continuously being wrestled with here. 



>>> Pat Cappelaere <pat at cappelaere.com> wrote:

We are doing the same at NASA.  The problem is that it is not 
sustainable over the long run.
There is a cost to doing this. As money gets tighter, you need to be 
able to justify it.  Hence the need for the business case.

Asking people may or may not work until you build a value model with a 
fairly solid foundation.

Can we use the economic value of people and infrastructure within an 
image?  I think that there is a value for a human being.
Value of trees...water...???

I think that there are population density and infrastructure density 
maps that could be used and then infer a price tag.

any better idea to can get us to some hard metric?

Anyone with experience in that area?


On Sep 11, 2009, at 12:29 PM, Mark, Jonathan wrote:

> I don't know what the value of free data is, but at some point in the
> next while, the City of Vancouver will be soft launching a website 
> from
> which GIS and other data will be freely available without restrictions
> on use.  I would expect comments to come back about what types of
> additional data people would like and have value to them and what they
> might do with it if we publish it. The data and formats on our site 
> will
> grow over time.
> Jonathan
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> Interesting question indeed, Pat.
> Well, the old Roman wisdom says, that the item is worth as much as
> customer wants to pay for it. (-; So I think your first suggestion is
> close to the objective. (-:
> For raster it could apply easily, however for vector... these maybe
> difficult to use, as even the same themes of the same geometric 
> quality
> (scale) have sometimes extended attributes, which acquisition in the
> real world is maybe expensive - in this case I would add total cost of
> the generation of additional information. A good example would be
> cadaster parcels. The geometry itself is usually accompanied with plot
> number, but when it comes with additional attributes of owner and 4eg.
> commercial value -  well, that's completely different story, because 
> you
> have to finanse the valuation of the parcels and building/connection 
> of
> the owner database. Other examlpe could be soil or other environmental
> maps - where number of physical or chemical attributes may grow into
> huge databases. So cost of the geometry itself may be one thing and 
> the
> cost of the attributes - other.
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> Subject: [Geodata] What is the value of free data?
> It is great to make geodata free.  However, we could get more of it if
> we could quantify the value of that data.
> We need to justify the business case.
> Interestingly, for opensource software projects, you can compute the
> potential cost of developing that software.
> This is an approximation of the value of that code [but not the value
> that is enabled by the code] So I am looking for a similar and still
> imperfect metric.
> Any suggestion?
> Cost of similar commercial imagery?
> Economic value of imaged area?
> Potential damage assessment (disaster)?
> Scientific value of imagery?
> How do we estimate this?
> Thanks,
> Pat.
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