[Geomoose-users] upgrading to 5.2.2 (success and how to)

Mark Volz MarkVolz at co.lyon.mn.us
Mon Mar 30 15:41:51 EDT 2009



With the help of Bob Basques, and Steve Lime I was able to get GM upgraded to


I attached the instructions on how I got it up and running.


Updating Mapserver to 5.2.2

Mark Volz


There are new security features within Mapserver 5.2.2.  As a result items in
Geomoose must be changed to enable certain functions to work properly.  These
changes include but are not limited to:


*	Adding a "magic string" to all of the html templates
*	Modifying the symbol set(s)
*	Modifying the .Map files
*	Changing the id for the search boxes



Adding a magic string to html templates:


For each html template you will need to add <!-- MapServer Template --> to
the top of each page.  Templates include files such as identify.html,
itemquery.html, select.html, and the header and footer pages.



<!-- MapServer Template -->






Modifying the Symbol Sets


The basics.sym, and points.sym files in <yourmaps>\symbols needs to include
"SYMBOLSET" as the first line.  Also if you add "SYMBOLSET" make sure you
include an additional "END" at the end of the file.





    NAME 'circle'



    POINTS 1 1 END


END #Symbolset



Modifying the .Map files


You may need to modify each .map file.  They must have MAP as the first item
then SYMBOLSET as the second item.





            SYMBOLSET 'symbols/symbol.sym'

            NAME 'all layers'



Modifying the id of the queries


For each of your searches you may need to make sure that you are not using
"id" as your search string.  The variable "id" is reserved by Mapserver and
therefore is subject to new limitations.  One of those is that any searches
that include a dash in them ("-") will fail.


You will need to rename the variable in 3 files:


In this case I modified the name of the search id from id to SearchID




Update the user input type


<service title="Search for Parcels by Owner Name" selectable="false"


            <input type="hidden" name="map" value="..."/>

            <input type="hidden" name="mode" value="nquery"/>

            <input type="hidden" name="layer" value="ParcelsOwnerSearch"/>

            <input type="user" name="SearchID" title="Zoom to Parcel#:"/>





Update the input name


<div id="ownersearch">

                        <font color="black"><b>Search for Parcels by Owner ..

                        <input name="SearchID"/><input type="submit"

                        <input type="hidden" name="map"...

                        <input type="hidden" name="mode" value="nquery"/>



All of the itemquery_geographyfile.map files


Update the filter name


                        FILTERITEM 'PARCEL_ID'

                        FILTER /%SearchID%/





Mark Volz

GIS Specialist

Lyon County, MN

(507) 532-8218


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