[Geomoose-users] default background map in 2.0.1

Dan Little danlittle at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 10 09:04:59 EST 2009

Oh, and if doesn't work it may be a 2.2 feature.  We're still discovering some features that are not in GM2.X but are in GM1.X

The Other solution would be to make another Group in the catalog with multple=false, and only have one layer in it, and that layer has status="on".

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>In GeoMOOSE 2 this is done at the map-source level:
><map-source .... >
>    <layer name="MyLayer" visible="true"/>
>Then do not place an entry for it in the catalog.
>>From: "Lund, Brent (ADM)" <Brent.Lund at state.mn.us>
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>>Subject: [Geomoose-users] default background map in 2.0.1
>> >>
>>want a background map which is always on and doesn’t show up in the user’s
>>catalog.  To do this in 1.6, I set the property invisible=”true”.  
>>For example:
>><map title="Minnesota" default="true"
>>invisible="true"  reference="true">….
>>can I do this in 2.0.1?
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