[Graphics] Geosilk icons

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 09:53:03 EST 2009

> There are many web services, and new ones waiting. What we need are
> basic metaphors for them. As far as I know WMS, WFS, etc. does not have
> such. Then we can add any overlay - server or layer.

See the links I provided last time for the run down of metaphors:
- WMS = server + map
- WFS = server + feature
- WCS = server + raster
- CAT = server + repository

> This will be main problem in mature projects - flexibility in practical
> implementation. For sure 100% unification is impossible, but I believe
> we can achieve some level of compromise.
> Some parts, like filename suffix, doesn't disturb integration and are
> udig specific features easy to overlay.

There is a technical "solution" here - you can use svn "externals" to
link to a file and give it a different name.


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