[GRASS5] compiling beta10 on IRIX and CYGWIN/WIN32

Andreas Lange Andreas.Lange at Rhein-Main.de
Sat Dec 9 07:07:58 EST 2000

Hi 2 all,

i want to report some problems i found with GRASS5.0beta10 (not the CVS
version!) on IRIX 6.5 and CYGWIN.

I am tired of fixing the same problems again and again. So i want to ask
everyone to remember:
The Gmakefile lib order _must_ always be:
Otherwise on IRIX it won't compile. If you are linking to the gis lib,
you must always include $(MATHLIB), as gis references floor, ceil, etc.
from the math lib. If you are not sure, add $(XDRLIB) $(MAHTLIB), it
won't hurt. 

I had to heavily edit the header file for CYGWIN, there are still a lot
of problems with include and lib search paths etc. 
And the command line/text mode interface is not working any more. 

Please see the attached file for the problems in detail.

I have currently no time to work on the fixes myself. I will concentrate
on the XDRIVER/fifo/ipc stuff.

Andreas Lange, 65187 Wiesbaden, Germany, Tel. +49 611 807850
Andreas.Lange at Rhein-Main.de - A.C.Lange at GMX.net
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g.version has double \n's (fix is on the way) 

gis_set.tcl: -state disabled instead of -state disable
gis_set.tcl: string compare -nocase: not supported
although this is supported from tk8.2 on, it is not
ok to use this if we claim tk8.0 compatibility. 

when converting the man pages: 
many error messages with awf formatter:
. DE not available (or such)

g.manual from tcltkgrass:
Illegal option -- P
Usage: man ...
g.manual entries=d.area -f:
 g.manual .....

this is all messed up, rman: please do not ask the user to install
something from within Usage info. This will confuse "ordinary" users.

CELL driver seems to work on IRIX in latlon. (colors sometimes incorrect)
in spearfish/UTM the intermittend white lines still appear.

couldn't reproduce the behaviour Anantha Prasad reported.
This BUG is gone.
The problem with the reduce/reduce conflicts on compiling
can IMHO be ignored, as the output of the parser is parsed again
with a C program. To my knowledge the parser is ok and 
i know of no errors. 
This is the same with r3.mapcalc. 

r.in.png does not work
(r.out.png, then r.in.png with this image gives me a totally white
raster on IRIX). r.stats says: 100% * (NULL)

r.in.tiff on IRIX:
r.in.tiff [1591] - out of logical swap space during exec - see swap(1M)
argh, i have 128 MB RAM and another 128 M RAM swap. 
Must be some sort of segfault. This happens when invoking only
r.in.tiff, without any arguments!

wrong order of libs: $(MATHLIB) in 


/usr/local/grass5/etc/Init.sh: not found
does not start with and without any commandline flag (-text, -tcltk etc.)



PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN: doesn't work on every terminal.
E. g. on IRIX it is broken.  
This needs to take the termcap into account. It is not possible
to hardcode the keycodes into the program. 

t.roads.inf from spearfish database is broken/wrong format. 
no cat support (informix db?)

tests that i performed:
for f in `g.mlist type=rast` ; do
  d.erase white
  echo "plotting $f"
  d.rast $f
  sleep 2
and with d.vect, d.area, d.site etc.

andreas lange, 12/2000

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