[GRASS5] detri license clarified (new hope for geom)

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Tue Dec 5 12:21:29 EST 2000

On Tue, Dec 05, 2000 at 04:39:31PM +0100, Andreas Lange wrote:
> Hi,
> does this mean that the geom lib must be moved to src.nonGPL?
> This would mean that s.geom and v.geom can no longer be used.
> I had a very superficial glance at geom and detri, but i can not say how
> much work it will be to adapt s.geom and v.geom to this library. 
> And i am not able to do that. 
> Another option would be to use the gts library
> (http://gts.sourceforge.net) for this purpose. But from the mailing list
> i conclude that the delaunay triangulation in this library is broken. If
> this is fixed it should be comparatively simple to make a s.delaunay,
> v.delaunay and s.hull etc. (or a single s.geom and v.geom module resp.)
> from this. Don't know how complicated it will be to make the Voronoi
> diagram/Thiessen polygons from this (thiessen polygons and delaunay
> trinagulation are complementary). 
Perhaps "gts" would be a better choice fpr the long run as it is widely
adopted for many projects (like LAPACK/BLAS)?

> But i am confused: s.delaunay and s.voronoi are currently in
> src.contrib/PURDUE/s.voronoi, but the html-man-page describes another
This is from: James Darrell McCauley, Purdue University

> program of that name from Jo Wood, which i can not find (no bin, no
> src). The Program from Jo Wood is able to generate VRML output and works
> in 2.5D with elevation scaling. 
Well, Jo's code is at:

No copyright statement on the page. I have met him this summer, I am
sure he agrees to use his code (I could contact him).
Jo has left to London recently.

> The people working on the vector library should decide if we should
> include the detri library. As far as i remember the detri library is 3D
> and may be faster than gts (where the delaunay triangulation is only
> 2D). But i am totally clueless, so that i can not recommend anything.
David and Radim (and others), please advise us!


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