[GRASS5] configure.in Wants testers...

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Tue Nov 28 04:00:34 EST 2000

Hi Eric,

On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 06:09:21AM +0100, grass at intevation.de wrote:
> Date:	Tuesday November 28, 2000 @ 5:09
> Author:	eric
> Update of /grassrepository/grass
> In directory intevation.de:/tmp/cvs-serv29153
> Modified Files:
> 	configure.in Makefile.in 
> Log Message:
> Another stab at TCLTKLIBS, --enable-opengl, fix --enable-postgres, Add
> variable "USE_OPENGL" to Makefile.in (how can this be used ???). There's
> no variable for USE_POSTGRES (--disable-postgres just skips some tests).

Running the latest version of configure tells me:
 checking for /usr/include/tk.h... yes
 checking for /usr/include/tcl.h... yes
 checking for Tk_MainWindow in -ltk8.3... yes

YEAH! Congrats, Eric!

UNIX_BIN            = ${exec_prefix}/bin

what about predefining it with /usr/bin?  This path should be available
everywhere (this is needed to get gmake5, grass5 and gmakelinks5 into a
directory listed in PATH).

>From the Linux side the configure[.in] is fully o.k. comparing to the
"hacked" version. So please consider to replace "configure" with this
new version (we should provide it for all missing an "autoconf"

Thanks again,


[PS: Eric, no need to cc the grass5 mail to me - I am subscriber :-)]

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