[GRASS5] MacOS X binaries dependencies

Jeshua Lacock jeshua at SierraMaps.com
Thu Nov 23 02:15:17 EST 2000

Hi all,

I have installed the MacOS X beta 8 binaries on an other (clean) machine to test it and found that it was dependent on:

  wish8.0, tclsh8.0 and the /usr/local/lib tcl & tk files.

After I tarred the above files and directories, tcltkgrass will start with no errors, however when I go to start a monitor it acts like its going to work, but does not produce a monitor.

d.mon says:

Sorry, </usr/local/grass-5.0b/dev/fifo.1a> not available
Have GRASS administrator check etc/monitorcap file

What other files might tcltkgrass may be dependent on??


Jeshua Lacock
Telephone: (760) 935-4481
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