[GRASS5] A naive opinion on how grass *should* work

Russell Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Fri May 3 11:25:19 EDT 2002

Eric G. Miller writes:
 > If you are under the mistaken impression that Arc/Info is easier than
 > GRASS, you haven't used Arc/Info.

I haven't used it.  Usually, when you pay money for software, it's
because you chosen the easiest route ....

 > There are several reasons most US gov't agencies use Arc/Info, not the
 > least of which has to do with file format compatibility and politics,

.... but sometimes not.  Okay so I'll withdraw that objection.

 > Anyway, the point is, there are only a few people working on GRASS,
 > on mostly on a part-time, sporadic basis.

Which is realistically the only way I'd be contributing to GRASS, so
I'll leave this topic alone.

 > > Then maybe GRASS should use the GNU Readline library and explicitly
 > > hand the name completion list to the library?
 > GRASS doesn't implement it's own shell and commands are separate
 > programs, so Readline isn't a magic bullet for argument completion.

No, I mean inside the parser, when you run a command without required
arguments, and the parser prompts you for them.

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