[GRASS5] Re: Cygwin binaries

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Sat Aug 14 12:56:59 EDT 2004


When this goes up, I think I should remove the copy you sent me I have on my
site, to avoid the confusion you mention below, and replace it with a link
to the official GRASS binary page for 5.3.

If 5.7 could be packaged in the same way it would be a great boon to Windows
users. I just noticed that Rich Greenwood is no longer posting binaries, but
is simply linking to the GRASS site.

I just posted a simple windows install instruction (perhaps the one you
mention). However, I can either edit this to reflect the changes you mention
or delete it if you are now including more up-to-date information in the
readme with your file. One nice item in the instructions I posted is that it
has a succinct discussion of installing and starting CygwinX. Perhaps
something like this could go into the GRASS installation readme if it's not
already there.

Markus, is this the time to think about posting Lorenzo Moretti's Mac
binaries on the GRASS main site?


On 8/13/04 8:21 AM, "Paul Kelly" <paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk> wrote:

> Hello Markus
> On Fri, 13 Aug 2004, Markus Neteler wrote:
>>> You could also put a link (e.g.
>>> just a hard link on the web server) to the xtcltk-8.3.4-CYGWIN.tar.gz file
>>> (this is currently in the 5.0 binaries directory), which is required for
>>> Tcltkgrass to work.
>> Yes, the xtcltk-8.3.4-CYGWIN.tar.gz I have linked into the directory to
>> avoid that the users have to wander around the site.
> Thank you for doing this. The package with the man pages in it
> (xtcltk-8.3.4-CYGWIN-man.tar.gz) doesn't need to be there so I think you
> could remove it to make it simpler; only xtcltk-8.3.4-CYGWIN.tar.gz is
> needed.
> Also unless you think the WinGRASSinstall.rtf is very useful I would leave
> it out as well, as some of the instructions don't apply to this
> particular binary distribution (e.g. installing the GDAL dll) and could be
> confusing.
> I think an up-to-date list of the non-default Cygwin packages that are
> required to run GRASS would complete the README nicely. I will try and
> compile it when I have some time. It is not that hard to get GRASS running
> on Cygwin if you know what to do; the problem is there are so many
> conflicting lists of instructions on the web and GRASS mailing lists, so I
> think to keep this directory as simple with as few files and essential
> instructions as possible is best!
> Paul

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