[GRASS-dev] WxPython front-end to ps.map

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Thu Feb 8 11:33:04 EST 2007

Here is a bit of information that might be helpful in looking ahead. TclTk
does indeed have vector drawing that **could** replace the current d.vect
rasterized display, at least for digitizing and quite possibly for display
too. Something along the lines of v.edit could utilize this.

However, I'd really like to push ahead with wx.Python instead of spending
more time on TclTk since we've decided to abandon that venerable platform.
The newest version of wx.Python (2.8) has a couple different modules that
support true vector objects rather than just rasterized displays (this was
more of an issue with version 2.6 and below). I don't yet know which would
work better for GRASS vectors, but if we can make use of them, it will
provide much better looking vector output and digitizing.

Nevertheless, a cartographic module is a different beast from the kinds of
working displays we have now. Building on ps.map might well be the best
avenue to take with this, since much of the coding has been done and it can
be controlled by commands and scripts.

As someone just said, the old dm TclTk print module was an early start in
that direction.


On 2/8/07 2:52 AM, "Jáchym Čepický" <jachym.cepicky at gmail.com> wrote:

> My imagination is, to use Map Display with pop-up tool bar(s) for
> specific tools -- if there is someone, who disagrees with this point,
> please raise your hand. ps.map is very good tool for creation of
> hard-copy maps. It should not be too big task to add tool, which would
> generate configuration file for ps.map based on map display content.
> For the future, it would be good to improve d.vect to be able to
> display e.g. dashed lines and so on and to improve ps.map so it is
> possible to work with multiple raster tiles and so on.

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