[GRASS-dev] Re: g.rename consolidation

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 08:25:13 EST 2007


just to summarize, I suggest to reduce verbosity levels to three levels:

--q 0 MIN_LEVEL (only warnings + fatal_errors)
     1 STD_LEVEL (progress information)
--v  2 MAX_LEVEL (any "useful" information, another points is what is "useful")

E.g. Vect_build () output:

0 ... nothing printed
1 ... Registering lines: ... , etc.
2 ... all current info

Three level are enough I think, then we should move selected messages
to G_debug (1, ).

Any objections (in case I missed something)?


2007/2/27, Hamish <hamish_nospam at yahoo.com>:
> Jáchym Èepický wrote:
> > In my opinion, GRASS modules are verbosed too much (e.g. see
> > r.terraflow). Message has for the user only then sence, if it is
> > error, warning or user will have to wait longer time (so G_percent
> > should be used imidietly after this). otherwise it is task for G_debug
> >
> > So basicly, I would like to remove most of the "closing maps" and
> > similar messages. if you want to inform the user about e.g. how many
> > points were processed, we should use fprintf to stdout for it, since
> > this is not a message, but a result...
> Rather than a full delete, if you wish to get rid of status/progress
> messages (for quick running modules) please move the messages to
> G_debug(1,"") etc. It would be nice to able to run with DEBUG=1 all the
> time without huge amounts of noise, so maybe some of the existing
> less interesting debug-1 messages could move to debug-2, etc.
> (without violating these rules from lib/gis/debug.c)
>  * Levels: (recommended levels)
>  * 1 - message is printed once or few times per module
>  * 3 - each row (raster) or line (vector)
>  * 5 - each cell (raster) or point (vector)
> I'm still not sure when to use --verbose vs. G_debug(1,).
> ie due to the existence of G_debug(1,) is there any need for --verbose?
> When to use one or the other? Do we really need --verbose at all?
> I think it is a pain to always advertise --verbose, when it is only used
> in a few modules. How are you supposed to guess that it does anything?
> thanks,
> Hamish
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