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Wed Nov 14 13:37:45 EST 2007

monitor window, the focus is passed to the monitor (or is this just a
characteristic of the window manager?). The monitor window is never
initialized in a state where it's ready to accept input.  That behavior is
annoying because it's always necessary to get the focus back to an
interactive shell before you can go on with whatever you are doing.

Is there some way to keep a newly-created monitor from grabbing the focus?

Even better, could we give the monitor windows a default action in
response to mouse clicks, double clicks, drags and so on?  I'd like it if
the monitor came up with the functionality of d.where, d.zoom, d.erase or
d.what.* already running and available with just a mouse action on the

I'd also like it if the active monitor were alway "on top" of the display
and if it were possible to select a monitor (as with d.mon select=x*) with
the mouse just by clicking it to give it the input focus.  That is, the
"top" monitor is always selected, and the selected monitor is always "on
top".  Again, this may be behavior specific to the window manager.  If so,
then too bad.

Roger Miller

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