[GRASS-dev] wxgui and georectifier ready for testing

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Fri Feb 8 10:12:57 EST 2008

I finally managed to finish the georectifier module for the wxPython  
GUI for GRASS. A very nice new digitizing module also is functional  
and nearing completion. The wxgui is a fully functional replacement  
for the venerable TclTk interface. It needs testing, but should  
useable on a regular basis for both Linux and Mac. It especially  
needs people to get it up and working under Windows.

To compile, you need Python 2.4 or above (the current 2.5.x is  
preferred) and wxPython 2.8.x (2.8.7 is current). The digitizer also  
requires C++ and headers from the wxPython dev package to compile. I  
think binaries should work with just Python installed (this needs to  
be checked) -- and that requirement should be relaxed eventually if  
we package it with the distutils.

It's taken a lot of effort on the part of a dedicated group of people  
to get this elegant, new front-end to GRASS ready. Thanks are  
especially in order to Martin Landa, Daniel Cavelo, Jachym Cepicky,  
and everyone's expert consultant, Glynn Clements.

There are certainly bugs and a few rough corners that need to be  
fixed. But as with the rest of the GRASS project, we depend on your  
help to get these ironed. out. So set GRASS_GUI: wx in your .grassrc6  
file and give it a whirl.

Once the initial round of testing takes place, the most egregious  
problems surface and are fixed, and the wxPython gui starts to appear  
regularly in distributed binaries, I think an announcement like this  
is in order for the general GRASS users group too.


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