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Wolf Bergenheim wolf+grass at bergenheim.net
Tue May 6 16:52:17 EDT 2008


I know you are busy and all, but I'd like to know whether you are ok 
with this approach or not. I'd like to start moving forward.. :)


On 27.04.2008 17:26, Hamish wrote:
> Wolf Bergenheim wrote:
>> I have a patch to d.labels that I intend to apply. This patch adds 
>> support for positioning the label _exactly_ on the co-ordinated given
>> in the labels file. The reason I need this is that v.label.sa
>> calculates precise locations for labels, and naturally I want the
>> labels to be placed exactly on that point.
>> Feel free to comment on the patch. Next I need to look at how ps.map 
>> positions labels...
> I seem to recall looking at merging "NONE" into d.labels/ps.map when you
> were last working on v.labels.sa, and deciding that it was not
> appropriate for unremembered reasons.
> Could you explain how none,none differs from center,center?
> is it meant to be exactly lower,left of the first glyph? what if that is
> a "-"? (eg elev=-100)
>> Please see [1] for example screenshots.
> ...
>> [1] http://wolf.bergenheim.net/src/GRASS/v.label.sa
> yes, something is wrong there but I am pretty sure I had label placement
> working correctly for all refs, so there is some mystery? e.g. do those
> labels include a newline which is making it into a 2 line label? well I
> don't think it is that, but something is odd. I did a lot of work in the
> past to make the placement correct. Especially the US-1 touching the road
> I think I would have caught. I did do some rotation and placement fixes
> after v.label.sa was started, and I don't think they were merged to .sa,
> so fyi don't consider v.label.sa without overlap turned on == v.label.
> Anyway, please give me the week to investigate and remember about it
> before committing the patches; ps.map too. Maybe it will be ok but I want
> to convince myself first.
> I had hoped one day when you were happy to call v.label.sa "finished" we
> could merge them and make non-overlapping labels mode a -flag of v.label.
> thanks,
> Hamish
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