[GRASS-dev] Modifications to do_grid.c and do_geogrid.c

Casey Vandenberg casey.vandenberg at sjgeophysics.com
Wed Jan 27 17:30:13 EST 2010

Hi everyone,

A colleague of mine made some minor modifications to the do_grid.c and 
do_geogrid.c code under /ps/ps.map/ that some of you may be interested in.

The do_grid.c changes are for displaying coordinates on an output map so 
that they are parallel to the border as opposed to perpendicular (I have 
never been a fan of displaying the coordinates perpendicular to the 
border myself, but that could just be personal preference). The 
modifications also display an E and N beside the eastings and northings 
of the grid coordinates. These changes unfortunately were not coded to 
give the user the option of displaying the coordinates with or without 
the 'E' and 'N', nor were they coded to give the option of having the 
coordinates displayed parallel or perpendicular to the border.

The do_geogrid.c changes are for displaying lat long coordinates in the 
format of dd°mm'ss" as opposed to dd:mm:ss. They also display parallel 
to the border.

I have attached the code here for those that are interested.

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