[GRASS-dev] Re: Error when running a scrip in Windows-WinGRASS

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 9 20:23:21 EDT 2010

Helena wrote:
> Hi thereI have sent this message a couple of days ago... maybe it went
> without any noticing.

more likely no one knew the answer  :)

> Is it possible to have WinGRASS6.4 supporting only Python scrupts
> instead of Batch?

don't know, let us know if you get it to work  :)

If I understand Glynn's comments correctly it won't work through the main
build system, but for personal add-on scripts that's not the end of the

the important things is that both the script and python.exe can be found
in the path. You'll probably need to give your script a .py extension, and
make sure that Windows associates .py with Python and knows to run them
with python.exe. A web search will show a number of hits on how to do that,
and there's a number of mostly untested attempts at it deep within the
mswindows/ package installer scripts in the grass source code.

If the .py filename extension stuff fails, maybe you could write a custom
.bat file which launches "python your_script.py", something similar to what
is done for the UNIX shell scripts that ship with WinGrass 6.x.

So I would guess that it is not impossible to do it. As far as I know there
is nothing fundamental in the parser (at run time) which would restrict
running a module written in any language.

good luck,


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