[GRASS-dev] html error (access file not found) on compilation of i.landsat.toar in v7

Yann Chemin yann.chemin at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 08:37:28 EDT 2010

Thank you Glynn that seems to be resolved,
A last error comes up now:


root at SeeePC:/home/yann/grass_yann/imagery/i.landsat.toar# make
Error (IndexError('pop from empty list',)): </p>

make: *** [/home/yann/grass_yann/dist.i686-pc-linux-gnu/man/man1/i.landsat.toar.1]
Error 1


The html file was OK in v6, so I suppose something new came up in that
part too. I tried to look in the file, but nothing seems to flash.

On 14 October 2010 21:05, Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com> wrote:
> Glynn Clements wrote:
>> I think that the real-install target in Install.make needs something
>> like:
>>       -sed 's#$(GISBASE)#$(INST_DIR)#g' \
>>               $(GISBASE)/demolocation/.grassrc$(GRASS_VERSION_MAJOR)$(GRASS_VERSION_MINOR) \
>>               > $(INST_DIR)/demolocation/.grassrc$(GRASS_VERSION_MAJOR)$(GRASS_VERSION_MINOR)
>> Similar to what is already done for etc/fontcap. We should probably be
>> doing something similar for Platform.make, although that can be
>> overridden on the command line when running make.
> FWIW, this should be fixed in r43905. The only remaining references to
> the source directory should be GRASS_HOME, config.status, comments in
> the ctypes wrappers and debug info in binaries.
> Actually, you also need r43906, otherwise the g.mapset documentation
> uses <srcdir>/dist.<arch>/demolocation as the default database and
> location.
> Note to developers: *don't* use context-sensitive values for option
> defaults unless you have some plan to ensure that the documentation
> generated by --html-description isn't bogus.
> --
> Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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