[GRASSGUI] toolbars to buttonpanels

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Tue Jun 26 03:21:17 EDT 2007

One way to solve 2 problems might be to change the map display toolbars into
buttonpanels (they also look very nice).

This would allow these new AUI managed 'toolbars' made from buttonpanels to
be be docked inside a mapdisplay, which is docked inside a layer manager
window. I think you can only have a toolbar on the main window of an AUI

This also will allow those with Mac's (like me) to actually see the
comboboxes needed to the digitizing toolbars.

I'm playing around with this, but it has taken me the past 2 hours to find
out what was wrong with the buttonpanel example in the docs (the  parent
buttonpanel is left out of the buttoninfo arguments). Now I can actually
make a test buttonpanel, but it is too late and I must sign off. Maybe one
of you can take a look at it in the demo.

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