[GRASS-PSC] RFC3 voting rules

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 11 06:23:31 EDT 2008

> I suppose it just comes down to re-working RFC3 into something that suits 
> us better. When I get time, I'll do some research to see what other 
> projects do about this sort of issue.

AFAIK RFC3 is purely draft and has no bearing on present votes.

I think RFC3 needs a significant rewrite. I had a start on that but some
months passed with it fermenting in my drafts folder, and then a hard
drive crash took that out and I lost the thought/motivation to redo it.

I would consider the current situation as "seeing what naturally works for
us" and so a good data collection step for a future RFC3 doc. Once we
have it passed it is unlikely that we'll revisit it much.

My observations are that support from a majority of PSC'ers is needed to
pass something, usually the vote is open for about a week. One or more
PSC'ers tend to miss any given vote without ill effect, so 100% consensus
to do anything is not required.

This issue of what it takes to veto or send something back for further
consideration is still unknown. I guess we aren't such a controversially
minded bunch. But you have to start somewhere:

Consider this email me requesting rfc3 be sent back for further
consideration. I'm not happy with it in the current form.



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