Do any tools exist to import GIRAS data? (fwd)

Sue Tewalt x6437 stewalt at
Thu Oct 20 07:58:05 EDT 1994

Forwarded message:
> Is anyone aware of any tools to import GIRAS data into
> GRASS. All of the 1:250K land use and land cover data
> available from the USGS ftp site are in GIRAS format.
> Apparently, the LULC data is also available in Composite
> Theme Grid (CTG) format as well. CTG is similar to a raster
> layer and GIRAS is similar to a vector polygon layer.
> I need an answer pronto and would appreciate an update.
> I checked the archives and these tools seem to be under
> construction. Thanks for any help in advance!!
The module m.lulc.USGS reads the CTG format for these

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