What is Status of GRASS CD for Linux?

David Mandel dmandel at transport.com
Sat Aug 12 08:00:00 EDT 1995

    I have used GRASS in the past and liked it a great deal, but have been 
distracted by other matters for six months or a year or so.  So I'm kind 
out of date regarding any changes in GRASS.

    In any case, I'm thinking about bringing GRASS up on my home system 
(a 486/33 with 16 mb RAM and 750 mb disk running Linux) and preparing
a talk for the Portland Linux Users Group.  If I do this I'ld have to get 
a copy of GRASS and it is a pain to download given my slow data lines.  
However, as I recall someone was preparing a GRASS on Linux CD for 
distribution.  Does this exist?  If so how can one get a copy?

    If I have to download it, what is the best ftp site to use?


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