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Zorka Zegarra R. viewps at llareta.dagh.uta.cl
Sun Jun 4 10:35:46 EDT 1995


Valerio wrote:

>Dear Grass Users,

>J am a GRASS beginner....
>J have tried to import a TIFF-file in GRASS with the command
>Here is the entire results:
>#r.in.tiff input=x.tif output=y.tif

>Warning, TIFF directory is missing required "StripByteCounts" field, calculating from imagelenght.
>Reading x.tif.....TIFF Directory at offset 0xf416
>Subfile type: (0=0x0)
>Image widht 7200 Image Lenght 6646
>Resolution 300, 300 Pixels/Inch
>Compression Scheme: CCITT Group 3 facsimile encoding
>Photometr. Interpretation: min-is-black
>Planar configuration: Single image plane
>Group 3 Options: (0=0x0)
>1 strips:
>        0: [             24,         62462]
>ERROR: Only handle 1-channel gray scale or 3-channel color.
>J have tried to change Compression Scheme and resolution but with the same results.
>J have then converted the TIFF file in GIF format and used the command "r.in.gif" but it seems  this command doesn't work (the result is "no match").
>Is it possible to replace this only file and where can j find it?
>Sorry for bad english.


In reality never use r.in.tiff so that isn't like function, but if r.in.gif
is probable that isn't compile, so that must addd the path where is in
the file src/CMD/lists/GRASS and compile...

you can find the comand r.in.gif in ..etc/bin/contrib/cmd/r.in.gif

good Luck!

AH! ... and excuse my english, is'n t very good
Zorka Zegarra R.
Depto. Ingenieria Computacion e Inf.
& Depto. Geografia
Universidad de Tarapaca, Chile
e-mail:viewps at llareta.dagh.uta.cl 

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