xavi at cataw.uab.es xavi at cataw.uab.es
Fri Jun 9 08:00:00 EDT 1995


        I want to built a DEM using s.surf.tps from a contour lines map
and some reference heights I digitized before. The result of this process 
is quite nice ussually. But my problem now is that I'm working in a very 
flat area. The contour interval in the maps I vectorized was of 10 metres.
So, in the flatest zone I may have more than 1 square kilometre without
any data. I thought I could improve the DEM if I could use streams and
rivers as topographic data, I mean forcing s.surf.tps to consider that
stream cells are in lower heights than their neighbors.
        Is this possible in s.surf.tps?
        Is this possible in any other interpolation algorithm in Grass?

                                Xavier Ros
                        Unitat de Geodinamica Externa i d'Hidrogeologia
                        Universitat Autonoma Barcelona
                        e-mail: xavi at cataw.uab.es

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