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Francisco Estrada Belli fncesbl at
Mon Oct 19 19:01:38 EDT 1998

Dear Friends and Grass Experts,

I am having trouble with the printing. I am trying to print two simple vector 
coverages in 1:2000 scale using a Lexmark Optra S1620 laser printer.  The paper
size is US letter 8.5X 11. I have tried the command with the mapping instruction file and with the interactive mode but the result is always the same, Grass selects the default scale setting which will fit all in one panel (1:5070)^[[D. 
Now, I run to select the above printer, and I made a descrition file 
using the defaults from the manual :
level: 1
page width: 8.5
page height: 11.0
top margin: 0.5
bottom margin: 0.5
left margin: 0.25
right margin: 0.25
resolution: 75
OS: Iris 6.3
Grass 4.2.1

Can anyone tell me what am I missing, please?
Is there a better way to print over several 8.5x11 pages?

Thank you,

Francisco Estrada Belli
Boston University-Archaeology

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