non geoscience application?

Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Mon Sep 25 16:08:20 EDT 2000

GRASS can be used with any gridded data, i.e., anything that can be
described in terms of x and y values. A non-projected xy GRASS Location
would be used, as with non-georeferenced imagery. I have personally used
GRASS for analyzing occlusal surfaces of molars (teeth!).

	-Malcolm Williamson
	 CAST - University of Arkansas

Richard Christofferson wrote:
> I have a question.
> Would it be possible to represent non-geospatial data
> using grass or nviz?
> I was approached by a student with a table of the
> local star group, who wanted to see if grass could represent
> them (using a greatly exagerrated scale).
> Any pointers on where to start would be appreciated.

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