[GRASSLIST:1762] ascii data import

Brent Wood b.wood at niwa.cri.nz
Tue Apr 24 20:07:19 EDT 2001

As a new GRASS user, I'm trying to get some of my data into GRASS so I can
use it. 

The documentation I have describes the commands to use, but not the file
formats I need to use for the commands to work.

Typically I have three data formats, each line of which is as below:

 X Y     ascii trackline data (longitude/latitude) defining a polyline

 X Y X Y data defining the start & end points of simple line features
 X Y Z   data defining points with a location and value, such as altitude
         or temperature

 I can reformat these as required, if I knew what formats are required.

 Can someone please suggest an approach to getting such files into GRASS


Brent Wood

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