[GRASS-user] Out of memory...

Harris Pappas thefamilyguy933 at yahoo.gr
Thu Aug 10 15:48:57 EDT 2006


Thanks for the response. The number of points of my vector file (contour lines) 
is 7730470
3642623 is used by v.surf.rst.
Could you explain my about the segmax value i didn't get it much ? As for the 
dmax. I've read in the manual the info about this value. As i put the 
resolution (25) in g.region the value changed automaticaly. Is that ok? or 
might causing problems ? For now i'm trying to see what will happen with the CV 
procedure but it takes very long as expected. About the segmentation procedure 
is being discribed in the manual, can i do anything about it? i guess no if i 
get it right. As you can see i'm new to GRASSGIS so sorry if i make silly 

Best Regards,

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