[GRASS-user] newbie trying to grasp GRASS

Craig Feuerherdt craigfeuerherdt at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 21:52:27 EDT 2006

I am a newbie to GRASS coming from an ESRI background.

I have sourced a lot of data and loaded it into postgresql/postgis and have
no problems viewing it through qgis. I would like to access this same data
in grass to analyse it etc however I have not had any luck connecting to my
postgresql database to view the data.

I have been able to successfully created a new location, import a shapefile
which has a *.prj (although the topology wasn't built) and display it.

I have been able to add a layer using v.external but when I attempt to
display it I get the following errors;

ERROR 1: ERROR:  relation "parcel_view" does not exist

DBMI-OGR driver error:
Cannot select:
select FID from parcel_view where FID = -1

WARNING: Cannot display areas, topology not available

I welcome your assistance (and patience).

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