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Tue Jun 6 05:12:19 EDT 2006

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Date: 05/06/2006 11:40
Subject: grass project - please help !
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Hello ! :-)

I've the following problem. I have to make a database with the following
features :

I have many entities, such as :
- aeroplane (with id, color, purpose, ...)
- terrain (delimited field) - probably an image / map
- mission (an aeroplane has one and only one mission over a terrain)
- fleet of aeroplanes (group of aeroplanes with missions)

I've been requested to use grass to keep this system.
I thought of sql because of a relational model to keep all these entites and
their relationships.
Can anyone help me ?
I thought about sqlLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL,...
I am really confused, i don't know where to start...
Can anywon help me ??
Please :-)

Thanks in advance!
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