[GRASS-user] where 2.0 talk on GRASS details

Dylan Beaudette dylan.beaudette at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 12:49:08 EDT 2006

I'd like to thank Markus and Helena for the opportunity to talk about
GRASS at this year's where 2.0 conference. I have put up a link to the
presentation, and the details regarding its creation. There is a
(rather long) list of the commands that where used to create data used
in the presentation. Finally, there is a link to a modified version of
Hamish's nice r.out.gmt script, which I will re-post back to the wiki.
I invite anyone to use this presentation, or slides from it to talk
about grass- let me know if you would like to the OO Impress version.

Here is the link:



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