[GRASS-user] Importing vectors (polygons) without building topology

Hernán De Angelis hernan.deangelis at glocalnet.net
Thu Jun 22 18:44:13 EDT 2006

Dear list,

I have a bunch of PostGIS layers (polygons) that I want to import into GRASS. 
These polygons represent palaeogeographic features and therefore they 
necessarily overlap over some regions (different entities are distinguished 
by attributes in the attribute table). Since v.in.ogr automatically builds 
topology by default, a secondary layer is generated during import where the 
the overlapping sectors of the polygons are cut and stored. Whereas this 
might be useful for a wide range of applications it is certainly not 
desirable in my case, since it destroys the palaeogeographic representation. 
My question is therefore: how can I import these shapefiles and avoid topology 
building at the same time? I understand that exporting the tables as text and 
importing them using v.in.ascii might be an option, but I would rather prefer 
to preserve the carefuly designed attribute tables as they are, without 
having to regenerate them.

I have been thinking in this problem during a couple of days without coming to 
a decent solution, so I hope someone can give me a hint on this.

I am using GRASS 6.0.2 RC4 in OpenSuSE 10.0.

Thanks in advance


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