[GRASS-user] Several questions about vector maps

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Tue Apr 22 07:56:50 EDT 2008


I would do it with ogr2ogr. Find attached a small shell script doing that job.


On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 2:59 AM, Eric Gaba <eegaba at terra.com.br> wrote:
> Good night.
> As newbie I'm creating a map of the Falkland Islands using the NASA's SWBD
> shapefiles with GRASS 6.3RC6. After importing the ten tiles into GRASS in
> Lat/Lon, I merge them two by two using 'v.overlay' in order to have only one
> vector map. Isn't there a better way to merge several pieces of map in one
> big in one operation ? Should I use 'v.patch' ? When I try to use this last
> I've got an error message box 'couldn't execute "v.patch":invalid argument'.
> When I display this merged map, the sea areas are well displayed but I loose
> most of the lakes (the ones which weren't filled with any color in the
> separate tiles.
> When I create a new project in UTM and re-project my map with 'v.proj', the
> module tells me that there are many (200) incorrect boundaries, as well as
> centroids outside area and areas without centroids, and when I display the
> map, several sea areas are white, showing me clearly that something didn't
> run fine. Can somebody tell me what is wrong ? Could it have something to do
> with the categories as I read in some threads ?
> Thanks for your answers.
> Eric
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