[GRASS-user] r.le.setup --> maximum number of sites

tim.ritter at arcor.de tim.ritter at arcor.de
Tue Apr 22 08:26:27 EDT 2008

Hi everybody!

I have a problem using r.le.setup (GRASS 6.3.0RC6):
I want to do "sampling by units" and then "centered over sites" - so far so good. The problem is, that my vector points map contains round about 20 000 sites, so that I get the the meassage:

"ERROR: There are more than the maximum of 250 sites"       

Is there an easy way to deal with this? 
Of course, it would be possible to do the procedure for smaller areas and patch them together, but that would really be a large anmount of handwork...

Thanks in advance,


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