[GRASS-user] [Fwd: [OSGeo-Discuss] Can I do the same GIS tasks with OS (as with ESRI)?]

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 25 10:21:55 EDT 2008

Andreas Neumann wrote:
> I would like to add that some of the drawbacks of GRASS can be 
> compensated by using GRASS together with QGIS. There are ongoing
> efforts 
> (mainly by Marco Hugentobler) in QGIS currently to improve the layout 
> and printing tools. I think the integration of both programs looks 
> promising and I hope that in the future the two projects will 
> collaborate and integrate even more where GRASS provides all the 
> numerous analysis and topological features, a good vector engine and 
> commandline for automation; and QGIS concentrates on the Desktop GIS
> and easy to use GUIs.

I forgot to mention these multi-project efforts:

Re. project integration,

(the QGIS grass toolbox is a wonderful example of how open source
projects can cooperate via reused code and so go from start to full
featured contender in little time)

And for any one wanting some help with ps.map here are some examples:


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