[GRASS-user] problem with script started form directory differend than home

Jarekj jarekj at amu.edu.pl
Wed Jul 23 13:04:17 EDT 2008

Glynn Clements pisze:
> Jarekj wrote:
>> in the script, which is started from ~/grass/rzeki/
>> I have the problem with line
>> ....
>> v.db.connect -o map='red_'$k driver=dbf 
> The '~/' at the front of the path shouldn't be there.
It was added by me because in first case (without ~/) I thought that the 
reason is in inappropriate path to table, I forgot to remove it during 
> Also, you need quote the argument; the DBF driver performs run-time
> substitutions of GRASS variables. Without quoting, the shell will try
> to expand them, and they aren't defined. IOW:
Yes, that was the reason, thanks!

> Note: you need to use single quotes, as the shell will expand
> variables inside double quotes.

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