[GRASS-user] Grass add-ons + i.atcorr

Annekatrien Debien annekatrien.debien at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 06:38:56 EST 2008

Dear all,

I'm working with Grass 6.2.2 on Linux CentOS 5.2, and want to use the
imagery add-ons from the SVN repository. I managed to download them all
using the 'svn checkout...' command, but when I try to install them with the
'make MODULE_TOPDIR=/usr/lib/grass-6.2.2' command, I always get the message
'No targets specified and no makefile found.' Hence, the commands in the
makefiles of the add-ons won't work since no MODULE_TOPDIR has been made. I
know this might seem very basic, but I'm a complete beginer with little time
to learn it all.
I've also just noticed that i.atcorr is not available in this version of
Grass. Can it still be downloaded somewhere separately, and then just moved
to the bin-directory of Grass?
Can anyone explain me (in simple terms, I'm new to Linux and Grass) how I
can get these add-ons installed please?

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