[GRASS-user] <Q>How to add coordinate (x,y) data?

SGW00412 at nifty.com SGW00412 at nifty.com
Mon Sep 15 07:33:45 EDT 2008

Dear John

I bought this grass book, several months ago. 
I read this textbook little by little.
But, I did not know that information written in Chapter 10 of this book. 

I should study more. 

Thank you. We wish to express our gratitude. 

Yasuo shimada
> I've personally found gstat easier to use, as it can directly read and 
> write GRASS variables and it saves the work of learning another 
> command-line language (R).  With some tweaking, it is possible to run it 
> from scripts.  I found the instructions in the GRASS book chapter 10.1 
> (http://www.grassbook.org/toc3rd.php) to be helpful for this.  If you 
> are working in a university, you may be able to access this for free.
> A feature that confused me for an afternoon is that if you have a vector 
> and a raster dataset with the same name, gstat assumes that you are 
> working with the vector data.
> Cheers
> John

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