[GRASS-user] compile grass6.4 problem with tcl.h

Nikos Alexandris nikos.alexandris at felis.uni-freiburg.de
Wed Feb 25 10:15:38 EST 2009

> While trying to compile grass version 6.4.0RC3 I have come across a problem with locating Tcl.h. Here is my install command
> $ sudo CFLAGS="-g -Wall" ./configure --with-cxx --with-postgres --with-mysql --with-sqlite --with-ffmpeg --with-odbc --with-blas --with-lapack --with-motif --with-cairo --with-freetype --with-glw --with-nls --with-readline --with-opendwg --with-python=/usr/bin/python2.5 --with-wxwidgets=/usr/bin/wx-config

Better not to use _sudo_ for the configuration

> How do I tell Grass where to find tcl.h?

Try adding _only_ the directory, e.g.:

Perhaps FYI, I use the following (for a 64-bit system):
CFLAGS="-g -Wall" LDFLAGS="-s" ./configure \
     --enable-64bit \
     --with-libs=/usr/lib64 \
     --with-cxx \
     --with-freetype=yes \
     --with-freetype-includes="/usr/include/freetype2/" \
     --with-postgres=no \
     --with-sqlite=yes \
     --enable-largefile=yes \
     --with-tcltk-includes="/usr/include/tcl8.4/" \
     --with-freetype-includes=/usr/include/freetype2 \
     --with-opengl-libs=/usr/include/GL \
     --with-readline \
     --with-python=yes \
     --with-proj-share=/usr/local/share/proj/ \
     --with-wxwidgets \
     --with-cairo \
     --with-ffmpeg=yes --with-ffmpeg-includes="/usr/include/ffmpeg/"

Kind regards, Nikos

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