[GRASS-user] Identifying Projection/Datum From Coordinates

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Fri May 20 14:01:51 EDT 2011

On Fri, 20 May 2011, Bryan Keith wrote:

> I've done this many times, and you really just have to guess.  It helps to
> know what units your coordinates are in to narrow down your choices. 
> Often you can figure that out if you have a general idea of how far away a
> couple of your points are. Then you guess it has to be feet or meters.


   I can give that a try, but ...

> Well, I just tried the 5 obvious choices (UTM NAD27 and NAD83; NV
> stateplane east NAD27 and NAD83 and NAD83 with us-ft).  Here are the
> results, and none looks right.  You can see that 32007 (NV stateplane east
> NAD27) at least gets you in Nevada but not where you describe.

   None are close. Jarbridge is 41.87 N, -115.43 W and that would be a bit
southeast of the area of interest.

   Nuts. I've no idea when, where, or how these numbers were generated. But,
this summer I'm sure there will be opportunities to get valid locations with
my little GPS.



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