[GRASS-windows] Georectify problems

Ken Mycock ken.mycock at charltons-mackrell-adam.org.uk
Wed Nov 26 11:42:02 EST 2008


Thanks for that.  I should have said that I restarted GRASS in the 
source mapset to run i.rectify

I tried i.rectify again as you suggested (removing @PERMANENT from both 
the group and the map fields.  It ran a little further and then threw 
the same error as the georectify tool -"bad format in control point file 
for group [Orig_Inc in PERMANENT]"

I thought it would pick up the target from the annotation in the POINTS 

I'll log a bug when I'm sure it's the tool and not me!


On 26/11/2008 16:28, Moritz Lennert wrote:
> On 26/11/08 16:47, Ken Mycock wrote:
>> I'm new to GRASS and am slowly learning my way around.  I've been 
>> trying to georectify a raster scan of a historic map to add to a 
>> mapset based on modern Ordnance Survey data to compare the topology 
>> over the intervening 200 years.  However, whichever way I try I end 
>> up with errors and no rectified output.
>> Using the georectify tool, I have established seven GCPs and have 
>> verified that they are in a POINTS file.  However, whenever I click 
>> on either the RMS icon or the rectify icon it throws an error window 
>> "WARNING: bad format in control point file for group [Orig_Inc in 
>> PERMANENT]  ERROR: Not Enough Points -- 3 are required" (I'm trying 
>> first order to begin with).
>> Then I tried using i.rectify from the command line in the output 
>> window, via Run (GUI), hoping it would use the POINTS file already 
>> created.  I successfully completed all the fields in the dialogue, 
>> including using the browse function to select the Group, but when I 
>> click Run it throws an error in the Output window: "Group 
>> Orig_Inc at PERMANENT does not exist."
> There was a bug in the group handling which failed on composite names 
> (i.e. containing @mapset). Try erasing the @PERMANENT.
> Also be aware that i.rectify needs to be run from the source location, 
> i.e. the one where your non-georeferenced image lies. This is 
> different from the gui georeferencing tool which works from the target 
> location.
> You might also have to run i.target in the source location before 
> running i.rectify.
> This said, if you don't get it to work in the GUI, could you please 
> also file a bug report at http://trac.osgeo.org/grass/, so that we are 
> reminded to take care of it ?
> Thank you,
> Moritz

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