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Markus Schneider markus at beefcafe.de
Thu Apr 28 15:57:29 EDT 2011

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Hi Just,

sorry for the slow reply.

Am 21.04.2011 12:20, schrieb Just van den Broecke:

> - The way out: the inspire-foss project has always been geared on
> multiple INSPIRE solutions, e.g. not just deegree-only, though this is
> still a very strong solution for ETL+fast WFS serving. As said, part of
> this mail is to clarify what I think is the current situation but also
> to possibly get ideas from you. Others may think that INSPIRE is just a
> nasty heavy beast designed top-down without any rational software
> engineering constraints and will just fade away as so many
> all-encompassing standards' frameworks that had no prior proven
> implementation (remember the ISO 7-Layer OSI stack?). We may find
> INSPIRE back in another format (OSM?). Basically this mail comes back to
> what Jeroen Ticheler, Arnulf, Jo Walsh and others had already formulated
> 2/3 years ago:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/INSPIRE and
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/INSPIRE_data_experiments
> I think we have come a long way since then and have proven/diverse
> INSPIRE FOSS solutions though in various stages. I realize I have maybe
> been too much focused on technique/software, loosing the bigger picture,
> and that we need to have something more integrated both in organization
> (OSGeo?) and in the software ("INSPIRE Stack" with component options).
> If you got as far as here thanks for reading !

I would like to comment on the status of deegree 3 components for
INSPIRE and what to expect in the next months:

1. Download Services: In order to get a complete INSPIRE solution based
on deegree 3, the following things need to be addressed:

- - Relational/hybrid storage: Is happening right now. In the last weeks,
I got AU, CP and AD themes (automatically) mapped to a relational schema
(with every optional element and attribute). Both queries and
transactions are working. I hope to be able to provide a demo (and
possibly a screencast) next week. Note that the relational mapping can
also be configured manually, so using deegree 3 WFS with custom
relational schemas (e.g. the one created by ESRI) will be possible.

- - WFS 2.0 / INSPIRE Download Service protocol extensions: No timeframe
yet. Will probably be implemented this year, because of lat/lon's
involvment in the INSPIRE portal.

2. View Services: deegree 3 WMS supports WMS 1.3.0 for quite some time.
Original INSPIRE styles (Symbology Encoding) can be used out of the box
to style the unmodified INSPIRE features. Things to be done:

- - INSPIRE View Service protocol extensions: Not much to be done (as WMS
1.3.0 is already implemented). Probably a few weeks of work. Should also
happen during the INSPIRE portal tasks.
- - Performance: In order to compete with other solutions, profiling is
needed. However, the WMS is already pretty scalable as it's based on a
streaming architecture.
- - Tiling: Support for tile caching needs to be done.

3. Discovery Services: deegree 3 CSW supports the ISO application
profile together with INSPIRE extensions. The (BLOB-based) storage has
recently been improved and some customer projects are currently being
worked on that prove that the CSW scales to dozens of millions of
records. Things to be done:

- - Integrate CSW records with metadata configuration of deegree WFS / WMS
and WPS

4. Transformation Services: deegree 3 WPS implements the WPS 1.0.0
protocol and should be ready for INSPIRE. Things to be done:

- - Add INSPIRE protocol extensions
- - Implement required processes

If all the above is finished, deegree inspireNode will provide a full
suite of INSPIRE services. Alternatively, there's the option to combine
deegree 3 with other (FOSS) products, such as GeoServer / MapServer and
GeoNetworks. Once deegree 3 WFS can be configured to work on a
relational schema usable by GeoServer, a possible scenario is to use
deegree 3 for INSPIRE data access / management and GeoServer for fast
map rendering.

Any feedback / cooperation is very much welcome.

Best regards,

P.S.: Just, feel free to post this mail to inspire-data (I am still not
a member).
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