[Java-collab] Re: [Geotools-devel] GeoTools moving forward

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Fri Oct 10 15:58:44 EDT 2008

Justin Deoliveira a écrit :
> I would prefer not if all this will be is another layer of abstraction
> on top of geoapi. In my opinion things are already as abstract enough
> and it makes it hard to follow.

If the proposed interface was to be created, my preference would be to either
keep it outside GeoAPI, or put it in the "examples" module - not in core GeoAPI
interfaces since it would bring no new functionality.

> A question for Martin: Are there any plans to make GeoAPI more modular
> in nature, so that people can pick and choose from parts of the
> interfaces they wish to use?

I think that a split is going to happen anyway, but I don't know yet in which
way exactly. The reason is that I still strongly wish to restart the GeoAPI
working group at OGC. It is unlikely that the whole GeoAPI is ready for OGC
adoption, so we will need to focus only on a few packages to be submitted to
discussion and vote. Probably org.opengis.util|metadata|parameter|referencing as
a starting point, and the remainder may move in a kind of "pending" Maven module.


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